Cloth Transmog: Firebird

Firebird - Female Blood Elf (available to all cloth-wearers)

“Firebird,” a.k.a. I shouldn’t be allowed to name things, ever.

Head: N/A
Shoulders: Raid Drop - Boss Loot or Raid Trash Drop Mantle of Closed Doors
Back: N/A
Chest: World Drop - Includes Zone-Specific Drops Auction House - Click Here For Undermine Journal Sanguine Robe
Hands: Quest Reward Informant’s Gloves
Waist: Dungeon Drop - Boss Loot or Dungeon Trash Drop Sash of the Burning Heart
Legs: N/A
Feet: Raid Drop - Boss Loot or Raid Trash Drop Einhorn’s Galoshes

Main-Hand: N/A
Off-Hand: N/A

Here’s the full set on Wowhead.

This gorgeous robe is, in my opinion, the sexiest red (okay, okay, the case could be made for blood orange) dress in the game. Unfortunately, it’s also incredibly rare, so if you’re at all interested and you see a World Drop - Includes Zone-Specific Drops Auction House - Click Here For Undermine Journal Sanguine Robe for sale on your server for a reasonable price, buy it. You’ll thank me later.

Your guess is as good as mine as to why the Wowhead page for Raid Drop - Boss Loot or Raid Trash Drop Einhorn’s Galoshes displays 21 pairs of gloves under the “Same Model As” tab.

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