5.4 Looms, Brings With It Shiny Cosmetic Gear

dark_kor'kron setA whole slew of revised patch notes for 5.4 were released today, but because my priorities are firmly in order there’s only one announcement that caught my interest: the Kor’kron Dark Shaman set.

Now, here’s a funny one. The set, which is widely considered to look better than a lot of the tier gear right now, is actually “cosmetic.” That is to say, theoretically, it should be available to anyone — cloth-wearer to plate-wearer and everyone in between.

Except for the part where they’ve gone and stuck a “Classes: Shaman” notice on it.

I guess all those plate-wearing shamans were complaining about being left out.

There’s no word about where the set comes from or whether there are other classes-specific sets in the pipe. But as I’ve decided to roll myself a shaman (how cute is this top?), for now anyway,  I’m not complaining.

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