Plate Transmog: Durotan’s Battle Harness (Warrior)


Head: N/A
Shoulders: Wrath of the Lich King Raid Drop - Boss Loot or Raid Trash Drop Rusted Bonespike Pauldrons
Back: Mists of Pandaria Raid Drop - Boss Loot or Raid Trash Drop Cape of Three Lanterns EDIT: Oops. Try  Mists of Pandaria Raid Drop - Boss Loot or Raid Trash Drop Auction House - Click Here For Undermine Journal Dirl’s Drafty Drape instead.
Chest: Vendor - Gold Durotan’s Battle Harness
Hands: Crafted Item Auction House - Click Here For Undermine Journal  Ornate Mithril Gloves
Waist: Vendor - Gold Girdle of Many Blessings
Legs: Garrison Reward Oathsworn Legguards (Warrior)
Feet: Cataclysm Raid Drop - Boss Loot or Raid Trash Drop Treads of Crushed Flesh / Griftah’s Authentic Troll Shoes

Main-Hand: Vendor - Gold Greatsword of Forlorn Visions
Off-Hand: N/A

Check out the whole set on Wowhead.


Yeah, the set looks great on her, too. But that night elf, man. I’m just saying.

I spend a lot of time churning out new ways to create scantily clad women on this site. In my defence, it’s not like it’s hard. Blizzard has graciously given us all sorts of fun gear for female toons to work with. If a woman wants to Brienne of Tarth it up in full plate one day and prance around in a largely impractical plate bikini the next, she can. And it’s awesome.

But what I haven’t done, and what Blizzard makes it very hard to do, is focus on sexy guys. Where are my plate man-kinis, people? I sometimes joke “Write to your congressman!” when talking about how gear displays differently on male and female toons, but I’m actually kind of serious. If guys are your thing and you want something skimpy, your options are limited.

So, every once and a while, I’m going to try to do something about that.

Anyway, anybody who’s quested their way through Frostfire Ridge knows that Durotan is a sexy dude (you know, if you’re in to elaborate beards and wolf stink), so it stands to reason that we’d turn to Vendor - Gold Durotan’s Battle Harness — one of the few pieces of revealing male plate available in game — for our inaugural effort to even the sexy transmog playing field.


It’s almost like he has a bullseye on his lower back. o_o

Can I just say, Garrison Reward Oathsworn Legguards (Warrior) — a potential drop from a Level 3 Salvage Yard — sits lower on the hips than any plate legs I’ve ever seen? I went with Vendor - Gold Girdle of Many Blessings because it’s delicate to the point of almost looking more like jewelry than your average belt and, depending on the race you’re looking at, the end result is anywhere from attractive to almost obscene.

You’ll notice that this set includes a cloak. That’s optional, but I’ve included it for a reason. The back plate of  Vendor - Gold Durotan’s Battle Harness, as modeled by Wowhead’s male human, is green, which doesn’t exactly work with our vaguely scandelous purple. But it doesn’t not work, either. So if you like the green, or have the hair to cover it, go ahead and skip the cloak. You’re good.

If this set still isn’t showing enough skin for you, the  Garrison Reward Oathsworn Legguards just below the knees. If you’ve got a pair of Griftah’s Authentic Troll Shoes lying around, you’re good to go.

Leather Transmog: Weather-Beaten Fishing Hat


You Pandaren, you’re all the same. Always overdressing for the wrong occasions.

Head: Weather-Beaten Fishing Hat
Shoulders: Mists of Pandaria Raid Drop - Boss Loot or Raid Trash Drop Forgotten Mantle of the Moon
Back:  N/A
Chest:  World Drop - Includes Zone-Specific Drops  Auction House - Click Here For Undermine Journal Bandit Jerkin
Hands:  Mists of Pandaria Raid Drop - Boss Loot or Raid Trash Drop Gloves of Cushioned Air
Waist:  Vendor - Gold Martiean’s Splitleaf Girdle
Legs: Crafted Item Auction House - Click Here For Undermine Journal Dark Leather Pants
Feet: Crafted Item Auction House - Click Here For Undermine Journal Spirit Keeper Footguards

Main-Hand: World Drop - Includes Zone-Specific Drops  Auction House - Click Here For Undermine Journal  Dreadblade
Off-Hand: N/A

Here’s the full set on Wowhead.

Okay, so this set breaks a few of my rules (a number of pieces are from the same set), but it’s for a good cause. I’ve wanted a solid leather transmog for my archeologist-slash-adventurer rogue alt for a while now and this combines regular clothes and mysterious swirling relics in a way that appeals to me greatly. She feels like a treasure hunter, with a simple dagger at her side and a morally ambiguous relationship with the law when it comes to historical site desecration.

I mean, *she even has the hat.*

Mail Transmog: Black Bow of the Betrayer

mailtransmog-blackbow-displayHead: N/A
Shoulders: Mists of Pandaria Raid Drop - Boss Loot or Raid Trash Drop  Abandoned Spaulders of Arrowflight

Back: N/A
Chest:  World Drop - Includes Zone-Specific Drops Auction House - Click Here For Undermine Journal Fenclaw Armor
Hands: Crafted Item Auction House - Click Here For Undermine Journal  Enchanted Felscale Gloves
Waist:    Cataclysm Raid Drop - Boss Loot or Raid Trash Drop Lifecycle Waistguard
Legs: Wrath of the Lich King Raid Drop - Boss Loot or Raid Trash Drop Ironscale Leggings
Feet:  Wrath of the Lich King Raid Drop - Boss Loot or Raid Trash Drop Furious Gladiator’s Sabatons of Triumph

Main-Hand: Burning Crusade Raid Drop - Boss Loot or Raid Trash Drop Black Bow of the Betrayer
Off-Hand: N/A

Here’s the full set on Wowhead.

Okay, so maybe it’s a little unfair to tag a set built around a rather large bow as “Shaman-friendly,” but I’m sticking to my guns, here. Even without the large projectile-lobbing accessory at your side, the set still works. More than anything, I’m in love with those shoulders.  Mists of Pandaria Raid Drop - Boss Loot or Raid Trash Drop  Abandoned Spaulders of Arrowflight are a fantastic, if frustratingly rare, addition to your void stora, and for the Shamans in the audience there’s a Shaman-locked alternative available to double your odds.

If you’re a Shaman and you’re desperate for a similar look, the raid_warlords Kromog’s Protecting Palm or Crafted Item Auction House - Click Here For Undermine Journal Elementium Stoneshield paired with the Skullthumper of Trials (unsurprisingly, available from the Proving Grounds) might help move you in the right direction.

Tier 18 is “a big change in direction” from recent Tier sets

He put on his robe. Now, where’s the wizard hat?

MMO-Champion’s Blue Tracker picked up an interesting quote about Tier 18 from Bashiok this morning.

I’m really interested to see how people react to T18. To me it’s kind of a big change in direction. Our focus for quite a while has been to look at the bosses and materials of a raid environment, or iconic expansion imagery, and play off those. It’s going to be a big departure, where the artists are taking a step back and really looking at the classes themselves, and looking at more classical fantasy materials–as well as just pushing the detail and quality level. I think it’s kind of a cool new direction, even though it’s almost like going back to a more classic look.

This comes on the heels of the release of an early look at one of the mage sets, as usual without helm, shoulders, or other accoutrements, which has an admittedly retro feel. My first impression is that it — and for the record, it hasn’t been confirmed as to whether this set is Tier 18 or Season 17 or something else — does look a lot more like clothes than some of what’s come out recently (*cough*), and that’s something I’ve been hoping for for a while. In the past, we were always able to fall back on gear from earlier expansions, but as time marches on I’ve found it harder to overcome the discrepancies in quality as the older artwork ages.

Warlock Tier 16 is Made of Fail

As seen in Tier 16, enormous glowing Mogu skulls are the new black.

That said, I’m hoping that Blizzard will be able to achieve a balance between “classic fantasy” and “snoozefest.” Apart from the green, blue, and purple ensemble I’ve highlighted above (click here to see all four colour versions, via MMO Champion), there’s not much in the early Mage designs that interests me, and even that’s a little hit or miss. But in recent tiers it’s been the shoulders that make the man, so fingers crossed we’ll be seeing those soon.

WoW 10th Anniversary Extended! Last call for transmog gear.



Word has come down from on high that, because of a glitch that abruptly ended WoW’s 10th Anniversary festivities ahead of schedule, the event is being extended another week.

Here’s the announcement, via Bashiok on the World of Warcraft Forums.

The WoW Anniversary event ended a bit earlier than intended, so to make up for that lost time and any inconvenience we’re going to be re-enabling it for an additional week. The event–including the level 100 Molten Core raid–will be available again from January 6 at 10:00 a.m. PST until January 13 at 10:00 a.m. PST, for North American realms. You can see the updated event dates and times in the in-game calendar.

If you’re a fan of the 100% guaranteed drop helm you’ll receive when defeating Ragnaros, now’s the time to jump in there and brave Molten Core. This is especially important for leather wearers and plate wearers. Why? Because when the upgraded version of Molten Core closes, the old mail version of Crown of Destruction and the identical cloth Circle of Flame will still be available in game.

But the plate Crown of Desolation and the leather Crown of Woe? So far as I’m aware, they will be gone for good.

So get on that, people! You’ll thank me later.