Leather Transmog: Peerless Armor

clothtransmog-peerless-humanHead: N/A
Shoulders: Mists of Pandaria Raid Drop - Boss Loot or Raid Trash Drop Forgotten Mantle of the Moon
Back: N/A
Chest: World Drop - Includes Zone-Specific Drops Auction House - Click Here For Undermine Journal Peerless Armor
Hands: Quest Reward Holdout Gloves
Waist: Quest Reward Beastrider Belt
Legs: Crafted Item Auction House - Click Here For Undermine Journal Warbear Woolies
Feet: Quest Reward Overgrowth Cutter Boots

Main-Hand: World Drop - Includes Zone-Specific Drops Auction House - Click Here For Undermine Journal Growthshaper Spellblade
Off-Hand: N/A

Check out the whole set on Wowhead.

Have you ever seen that movie, the one with the muscular, bronzed Adonis decked in animal skins, an enchanted sword at his side and a cadre of tamed attack dinosaurs at his back? You probably haven’t, because it is awful and also I made it up, but if you had, you’d know the main character dressed something like this.

It’s a little bit gladiator and a little bit walking fashion disaster. It’s the second of my series of transmog sets intended to be skimpy on both male and female toons and is a great choice if you’re the sort of person who likes wrestling dragons with your bare hands.

For a hint of extra gladitorial badassery, check out the covered face helm the Wrath of the Lich King Raid Drop - Boss Loot or Raid Trash Drop Gaze of the Somber Keeper.

1 thought on “Leather Transmog: Peerless Armor

  1. Damn, that looks awesome! I think a monk, of either gender, would look amazing with a couple swords strapped to their backs in that set. The belt works out exceptionally well, too. Nice work! :p

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