AFK Fashion: +20 Frost Resistance Hoodie

World of Warcraft Hoodie - +20 Frost Resistance“+20 Frost Resistance” World of Warcraft Hoodie (at*

Okay, okay, so Blizzard went through and removed the resistance stats from the vast majority of player gear. Still, it looks like they missed a few.

This hoodie’s +20 Frost Resistance makes it ideal for engaging frost mages in life and death combat and, uh, going outside when it’s cold out.

I know I don’t normally talk about real life clothes, guys. But it’s just too cute and, men’s cut or not, I want it.

And now, back to our regularly scheduled programming.

* FYI, I’m a member of the J!NX affiliate program, so if you buy something via one of my links I get a tiny cut of the proceeds. It’s still cute as heck, though.

AFK Fashion: Three Worgen Moon Custom Halter Top

Three Worgen Moon Custom Halter Top

Okay, I’m loving this. Don’t get me wrong, I love Jinx’s official World of Warcraft merchandise, but 90% of the women’s stuff seems to suffer from the same design problem: the t-shirt’s neck is high and unflattering, but the graphic placement is so high it’s tough to customize.

But this custom halter top is the best of both worlds and, if you’re crafty, probably not too difficult to recreate.


I honest-to-god can’t look away. No word of a lie.

Okay, so we’ll be back to our regularly scheduled programming very soon (you can likely expect a new outfit in the next day or so), but I had to share.

I was poking around, daydreaming about real-life ‘mogging (I think some cultures refer to it as “fashion”), when I stumbled onto this little horror.

Murloc Hoodie - Don't look. It may take on other forms.World of Warcraft Blizzard Murloc Costume Zip Up Hoodie Hooded Sweartshirt

That’s an affiliate link (yeah, yeah, I know), but… don’t buy it. For the love of god, don’t buy it. Do you really need that unholy abomination in your life? It would be like walking into a creepy antiques shop in the first five minutes of a horror movie and buying the creepiest doll you can find from Christopher Lee. Why would you do that.

But I just can’t turn away. I mean, its eyes — its bright, burning eyes, they speak to me in some strange tongue I cannot understand. They speak of riches and power and the end of days and I know, in that moment, that all is lost.

There can be no safety. There can be no sleep.

Murloc Hoodie - a.k.a., the abomination that will haunt your dreams for weeks to come.

It can smell your fear.

Only whaaaaarblegarblegarble.