A sad day for transmog fans.

As of today, the Undermine Journal has announced, because of hosting issues, that it will be closing at the end of July. Even if it’s able to find a new dedicated host, its future looks bleak. The site warns that if Warlords of Draenor is released and The Undermine Journal is still down, it’s likely never coming back.

The loss of the Undermine Journal is a huge blow for the transmog community. There are resources that provide some of the same features as TUJ, or at least there were back when I was last forced to use an alternate site what feels like a thousand years ago, but in my time making gold and building transmog sets I’ve never seen anything to rival TUJ’s power and accessibility.

That site, over the years, has made me hundreds of thousands of gold. It’s helped me put together more transmog sets than I can imagine. Heck, I have alts sitting on other servers, holding cheap rare items like Chromatic Sword and Tabard of the Lightbringer that I’d never have been able to find without TUJ’s help.

Not going to lie, I’m kind of in mourning.

Needless to say, we’re going to be losing a little functionality on the website with its absence. From this point on, the little red Auction House buttons ( Auction House - Click Here For Undermine Journal ) won’t link to anything. They will have to serve as a visual reminder to check your Auction House.

Don’t be shy about checking your opposing faction’s Auction House, either. If you’re the sort of player who plays exclusively on one faction but has a character slot or two left over, roll a level 1 alt (Human and Orc are easiest) and park them at the nearest Auction House.

Once the Undermine Journal goes down, believe me, you’ll have company.